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Linear motor drive

smart power

Linear motors are able to generate linear movements. So a movement is brought about directly and thus allows oscillation-free transfer of energy. This method of drive technology affords a wealth of advantages.

High system productivity

Servicing and maintenance are rare where linear motors are used. This means high system availability and saving of costs in the long term.

High forces

Indrivetec linear motors make possible high power densities and thus a compact mechanical structure.

High dynamic response

Linear motors operate dynamically and without physical contact. This guarantees reliable execution of the required movement and only low wear phenomena which, in turn, saves costs.

Indrivetec linear motor drives – complete, state-of-the-art systems for dynamic and powerful movements

Indrivetec linear motor drives are complete, modern systems. We develop and produce them for industrial companies, traction and roller coasters amongst other applications. The linear motor systems contain permanent-magnet synchronous motors, a sensor system, power distribution, drive frequency converter and energy storage system up to a power rating of 6 MW.

Linear motors can be used in a wide variety of technical fields. Indrivetec’s team of developers develops the right solution for every drive task. We offer our customers a full service, from development through to productive use of a drive. For instance, we manufacture prototypes and personally commission installations or devices.